Hickeys Chapel


Located on Sheen Road in Richmond are the Historic grade II listed Almshouses the first of which was built in 1834 by William Hickey. In 1728 the trustees developed Hickeys Chapel and additional houses. Nestled within the Almshouses the Chapel of St Francis of Assisi is an important community building and place of worship.

Scope of Works

The existing lighting system consisted of high-power consuming tungsten filament and halogen light fittings, requiring significant maintenance and lamp replacement. Many of the fittings were very large in size and awkwardly placed giving negative impact on the distinctive architectural character of the building. The latter was removed and re-cycled in its entirety.

The new lighting system comprises of energy efficient, low power LED luminaires throughout, controlled by an intelligent system enabling further efficiency via versatile scene setting and timed switching. The luminaires were carefully chosen with the client, and located to enhance the architectural quality of the building and distinctive interior artwork. The Chapel was redecorated and refurbished throughout.