Cliffs Pavilion


Cliffs Pavilion is a theatre in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. It seats 1,630 and offers an assortment of variety acts. Work on the original building began during the 1930s, when it was intended to be a 500 seat theatre incorporating the art deco style of the times. With the outbreak of war in 1938, building work was halted and the site remained boarded up until 1959, when it was levelled and rebuilt closer to the edge of the cliff to form the basis of the present Cliffs Pavilion, which opened in 1964.

Scope of Works

The project involved replacement of the existing air handling unit, upgrade and adaptations of the existing control system and new motorised valves. The work was carried out in a timed and careful manner, lowering to the ground floor and then disposed of, with the new air handling unit being craned into position in one piece. The new chilled water and heating pipework serving the cooling coils was extended from the existing pipework connection and new isolation, commissioning and control valves installed. The existing control panel and control system was retained and new motorised valves and controllers installed to suit the new air handling plant. New adaptors were installed to allow the new controls to communicate with existing control system.